Events and Workshops

Saturday, December 9, 2023
Meditation Workshop at Grassroots Yoga
159 Sullivan Street, Wurtsboro, New York

Exchange $20.00, no preregistration is necessary

This offering is inspired by the ISHTA methods of Yoga Meditation. We will follow a sequence of gentle premediative asana, one or a combination of practices for focusing energy inwards (pratyahara), a period of silence, a grounding sequence and a brief savasana. This and subsequent sessions may include pranayama (energy manipulation through breathing techniques), visualization, Yoga Nidra and mantra. This practice will be customizable to the individual’s level of experience and needs within the meditation model. Each class will begin with a period of conversation for sharing the meditation and methods to be practiced that day and to honor the community.


Yoga Amongst the Art at Brooklyn Waterfront Artists’ Coalition

As of October 31, 2021, BWAC yoga events are on hiatus.

July 10 and 24, August 7 and 14, September 18, 2021. All classes are from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

The gallery space at BWAC

Hosted by Tracy Balzano (Certified ISHTA Teacher, RYT-500) these yoga events are planned for the summer art exhibition season in Red Hook. You can expect an hour of adaptable, gentle(ish), breath focused yoga which will include time for pranayama (using the breath to move energy within the body) and a brief meditation.

This class is by donation and props will not be provided. Please bring your own mats and any other support you may need (blocks, blankets, straps). Chairs will be available for use if desired. Social distancing will be observed and please wear a mask.

Suggested donation is $10 at the door.

Register with this link.

Weekend Exploration of the Mind with Dr. David Salvage

Recent research proves that the union of Ketamine, therapy and yoga is a powerful combination of both modern and ancient healing practices.  This profound weekend of vision, change, pharmacotherapy and bodily expansion has been imagined for guests with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress or other challenges who want to take their treatment to a deeper level.  Come work, play, and challenge yourself with a fun and therapeutic weekend led by David Salvage, MD, FAPM, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and Tracy Balzano, Certified Yoga Teacher with experience in yoga therapies and meditative practices.  These two colleagues and long-time collaborators have joined forces to present a cutting-edge therapeutic experience designed to help you bring your inner vision to the world.  Join them to release limiting beliefs and traumas that are holding you back and to take the mind-body connection to the next level.  This offering will be held in a private, elegant, beautiful and rustic accommodation adjacent to hundreds of acres of national forest in East Hampton, New York.

Upcoming dates TBD

For preregistration, screening and additional details follow this link.

Introduction to the Anatomy of Yoga

Upcoming dates TBD

Day 1 – From the Feet to the Hips:

The bones, muscles and connective tissue of the feet, legs and hips.

Day 2 – From the Hips to the Crown:

The bones, muscles and connective tissue of the core, shoulders, arms, fingers, neck and head.

Are you curious about yoga and it’s connection to your inner landscape?  Do you want to learn more about your bones and their relationships to one another in asana practice?  Do you want to brush up on your basic anatomy for your students?  If so come join me for an introductory workshop on the anatomy of yoga.

This two part event is for practitioners who want to learn more about the relationships between the bones, tendons, muscles, ligaments and the subtle body and how to use this knowledge to enhance, strengthen and inform their practice.

In addition to anatomy the curriculum will include the chakra system and how it relates to human anatomical systems and understanding planes of movement and how they impact asana.  Additional references will be drawn from ancient and traditional texts as appropriate.

This workshop will be appropriate for anyone wanting to learn more about and be able to use anatomical references made during asana classes, teachers who want to make such references relevant and accessible to their students and anyone interested in asana alignment and how to use it to deepen their practice, humans.

Each class will include practical learning, asana and breathwork.