Private and small group classes provided in home, in studio and via Zoom or Google Meet.

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Custom Practices

If practicing within a studio structure and following a sequence designed for group instruction doesn’t serve you, consider investing in private, customized yoga. Private sessions are structured around what you need now. Maybe you will be better served by a grounding gentle practice or one more vigorous or meditation will meet your needs today. I will work with you to guide you through that will serve you best.


If you’re new to the practice or not ready to enter a studio setting this is an excellent way to become acquainted with the language of yoga.  I will take you step by step through all the postures you will likely see in any yoga class.  We will work on alignment, the relationship between the muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons, directing energy, vocabulary and more.  All sessions will be individually tailored.

Intermediate Practitioners

If you have a solid foundation and studio experience private sessions will shed light on unproductive habits you may have developed over time.   Usually these habits effect transitions, the dichotomy between length and strength and the ability to move towards more difficult asanas.  Private sessions can help to strengthen your form, identify habitual movements and move towards a more healthful and sustainable practice.

Corporate Wellness Programs

The workplace can be stressful and how we handle our work lives can effect productivity and our personal relationships.  Bring movement, breath and focus into your work environment and enjoy the benefits of a calmer, creative and more productive workforce.

Many I have worked with were skeptical of workday meditation and movement.  They quickly however found that time set aside for reflection and self care became something to look forward to and were able to return to work and their personal lives with increased clarity and sense of purpose.

The incorporation of workspace meditation need not be complicated and the results are worth the effort.  Let me show you how.


Weekend Exploration of the Mind with Dr. David Salvage

Yoga Parties

Share the yoga practice with….. anyone and for any reason: milestone birthday, any birthday, getting married, girls night out, guys night out, suddenly single, tween birthday experience…  Let me know what you’re celebrating and how you’d like to celebrate it.  Gatherings can be scheduled in home or in studio and will be customized for your group.

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